The Devil Made Me Do It

Pablo Picasso

On my train into work there’s a group of six people who sit together.

One of them is a woman and she laughs and throws her hair around when the guys make jokes or toss off  ‘clever’ quips about how they’ve never worn masks and how nobody is going to make them take the  vaccine because, you know- freedumbs.

So this morning the doors were slow to open and as we stood there. I started to cough. I couldn’t help it. I had been sucking on a butterscotch candy and it went down the wrong way.

I sounded like I was about to lose a lung.

At that point was starting to panic because that little piece of candy was stuck to the back of my throat, so I took my mask off and took a drink of water and sort of opened my throat up the way you do when you swallow pills and it worked.

My stubborn little piece of candy was on it’s way to my belly, just like that.

Then my merry band of patriots turned around and saw me there- maskless and red faced and still coughing a little bit.

They were not amused- in fact they looked very nervous and I really, really tried to not smile.

I failed.

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