I’d like to say that I’m practical and have a lot of self discipline when it comes to my writing, but as the old saying goes, there are no atheists in the foxholes so when I hit the wall and I feel writers block hitting me but hard I have a rituals for helping me over that wall.

First off when I’m searching for ideas (  I used to use a phone book but that’s another story ) or story prompt I play this song until  get a few good ones down.

By ‘good ones’ I mean I look at a prompt and go, ” I get it now.”

So when I have issues and need help, I call on Jim Dandy.

Sometimes when I’m writing, it really drives home that I’m in this TOO alone and I sort of loose steam. So I play Mozart for company and lo and behold I start writing again.

and then there are times when I need to focus and I can’t I play my cd’s by the Runaways- I’m not sure why they cut out the white noise swirling around my head, but they do.

So there we have it, the music I listen to when I have to clear my head and get to work.

Rock on.


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