The Chair Next To The Door



Do you know that in some

morgues and embalming rooms

there is a chair next to the door.

It’s always a sturdy chair that won’t slide across the tiled floor easily.


The chair is there for people who come in

to fall on or use for support if they feel faint

because  these rooms will steal the air from your lungs

with no warning at all and nobody wants to end up face down on a morgue floor.


There are so many stories like this one

just waiting to be told, but they are hard to listen to

and sometimes when you hear them you might wish you had that chair

next to the door that doesn’t slide across a tiled  floor easily.


3 thoughts on “The Chair Next To The Door

  1. I used to hate doing morgue transport. There fresh bodies groan, sometimes twitch, and give off sounds. I was in the OR, but sometimes things didn’t work out well, and someone had to do PM care and transport.

    • By the time I would get to the morgue, I didn’t see any of that. But once I was there and saw that reaction when the muscles in the hands kind of twtich. You’d never think it was a natural movement- I called it spider hands. Very strange.

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