Every Single Door

René Magritte

I watched the first of the January 6th committee hearings last night.

What surprised me is this- I watched Donald Trump and his fanatics loose their collective brain cell when the Election was called for President Biden. I watched them attack the US Capitol on Janurary 6th on TV and I have followed the stories about the Domestic Terrorists who were arrested and charged and their sentencing  in the news.

I have seen, with the rest of world Donald Trump continue to drop the snake oil he stills sells drop by drop into  the open and willing mouths of his fanatics every single day since then.

But what I was not prepared for, what surprised me , as I watched the hearings and saw the videos and heard the opening arguments was that I did not feel the darkness and the absolute evil that Donald Trump and the Domestic Terrorists who attacked the Capitol that day had literally brought to not only the ” People’s House ” in DC but Trump also brought that evil into  homes where we eat and sleep and raise our families too.

On that day, nowhere was ‘safe’.

Supporters of Donald Trump, one carrying a bust of Trump, climb the walls of the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2020, 

One of the goals presented in the hearing last night shows that  the Terrorists and White Supremacists  had on January 6th  was to Hang the Vice President of the United States for not giving Donald Trump what he wanted.

Make no mistake, there is testimony where it becomes clear Donald Trump was fine with that. In Trump’s mind that action would have been justified.

That horrific  fact  put into the larger picture of what happened that day as presented in the  hearings, it becomes clear that Donald Trump and his fanatics- and by extension the fanatics who still support him quietly because it makes them appear ‘reasonable’ support the same cause.

Give them what they want or face execution.

They are willing to go there- every last Trump Supporter- from the White Supremacists, to the Domestic Terrorists to Ma and Pa sitting on their front porch feeding you cookies and gently trying to reason you into understanding why they are supporting a thug like Donald Trump who was fine with death threats being made against his Vice President and the murder and brutal assaults of law enforcement officers.

I write about evil and corruption and monsters and I must say, I think I’m good at it. I thought that I could spot a monster a mile away and evil a half mile away.

On January 6th 2021 I watched monsters attack the Capitol and I had no idea how dark that day really was and how very close I came to seeing the United States Government fall into the hands of the most vile and corrupt human being to walk the face of the Earth in my lifetime.

So this is what the author of monster stories thinks needs to happen:

Donald Trump needs to be held accountable for the actions that he planned and executed. The Hate groups who served as his Army need to go to Jail and they need to rot there.

No ‘parole’ no cutie ankle monitors and home arrests and promises to be good forever and ever.

They need to go to Jail for the rest of their unnatural lives- and I say that because I don’t support the death penalty.

And as for Donald Trump?

He needs to join them, but most important of all he needs to be unmasked and called out for what he is.

He is a monster, his actions were monstrous and when he shows his face in public he needs to be recognized for that and the evil he brought to every single door in America that day.



7 thoughts on “Every Single Door

  1. A passionate and well written essay Anita! Thanks for expressing so much of what we all feel about that day. America needs to face reality and soon!

  2. Well stated. I remember the feelings I had in the pit of my stomach watching live what was happing at the Capitol Building on January 6th. I felt those same feelings watching the live public hearing on Thursday night. But I also felt intense anger that most of the perpetrators and those who planned and instigated the violence that day are still unpunished.

  3. Hear hear. Oh that more legislators were willing to do the right thing instead of the most profitable thing. When will the U.S. be won back from the clutches of the self-interest of the super rich and placed back in the hands of the people?

  4. Agree 100%. It is not a surprise that the far right defends him, but what’s more upsetting is that there are those on the far left who seek to minimize Jan 6 in order to keep focused on their hatred of capitalism. Not sure why they can’t despise both…

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