Sally Pincham Is A Jerk


Photo A.M. Moscoso
Comet Lodge Cemetery
Seattle, WA

” As far as headstones go, ” the Cemetery Explorer said in a cool crisp voice  to the group she was leading that night” it’s a little too over the top. Look at the carving, the epitaph, it’s a little sappy- like an overdone Valentine card. ”

The group of six who had been taking pictures up to that point put their cameras down and nodded in agreement, like they were supposed to.

One of the group stepped back from the knot of shamefaced explorers as they were led by Shelly Pincham to the next gravesite where they were about to be educated in what  a headstone should look like and why this next headstone was worth paying attention to- unlike the Monstrosity by Hallmark they had just left.

The woman who had hung back  looked up at the group and kicked at a little pile of leaves. She looked sadly down at the stone and said loud enough for no one to hear,  ” Well. I thought it was pretty. Espeacilly the roses. ”

When Sally Pincham looked up to call her straggler over to the group,  the  woman was gone.

It was like she had never been there at all.

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