I Forgot One Little Thing

Woman in a Café by Umberto Boccioni

The Challenge today

was to imagine what my life would have been like

had my dream of who I wanted to be at age five

came true.


I would have been an astronaut or maybe and archeologist

or a singer / actress like Ann Margret.

I would be sailing ships, fighting monsters

by the time I was 57.


They were fun dreams, dreams that I write about

but what would have made the five year old in  me pause

was one little detail.

I never actually saw myself doing any of those things.


I saw the me that I wished to be.

A prettier me.

A that looked pretty when I laughed

and could run and jump without tripping and falling and skinning my knees.


Maybe that’s why I am where I am now.

I should have seen myself doing those things- clumsy, homely me.

I should have included myself

in those lovely, exciting dreams.


Inspired by Writing Prompt Wednesday:

Your prompt: Imagine a day in your life if you had the career you wanted when you were five.

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