Behold The Bat

As we fly towards Halloween consider the awesome bat- the fruit bats, the vampire bats and the cosmic bats.

There is such a thing as a Cosmic Bat and if you didn’t know that before you saw this post,

  consider this little fact a treat as we celebrate  reaching the 97th Day To Halloween

“The Cosmic Bat”
Processing: Mark Hanson and Mike Selby, Mark Hanson Astrophotography

 “The Cosmic Bat”
Located in Ophiuchus and rarely imaged, LDN 43 is a dark nebula consisting of very dense material blocking light from the background stars

. Two cometary nebulae (GN 16.31.3 and GN 16.31.7) are found inside the dark nebula area, which certainly looks like a flying bat. The nebula spans 12 light-years at its estimated distance, about 1,400 light-years from planet Earth.

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