Black Phillip

Did ye make some unholy bond with that goat?

[to Jonas and Mercy] in ” The Witch “

There aren’t a lot of horror films that get under my skin ( in a creepy, yet delightful way )  but one did- it was the ” Witch ” written and directed by Robert Eggers.

When the film started I sat back for the ride- and I looked forward to seeing how the Witch would make her appearance. I was sort of in riding in the front car of a roller coaster mode.

But then Black Phillip hit the screen and when he went from being a sort of ‘pet’  or shall I say ‘scapegoat ‘ to the children to something far more sinister,  the movie officially got under my skin.

I  became  emotionally invested in  the story. I cared about what would happen to the characters next ( I couldn’t see that nothing good was in store for them but did it matter? Nope. They were all a little on the dark side as far as I was concerned and I figured there was no saving any of them. )

The point is, I cared about where this story was going.

By the end of the film when Black Phillip makes his long and much anticipated appearance I was on Team Black Phillip all the way.

Now here are some delicious photos an video clips of Black Phillip to enjoy-  and if you are thinking about what to watch during the Halloween season, this movie is a must.

” Black Phillip ” voice by Daniel Malik Portrayed on film by ” Charlie “

#100 Days of Halloween Happy Prompt: Witchy



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