Happy Valentines Day!

On this, Valentines Day 2023 I would like to give a shout out to the Goddess, Ammut.

Ammut  loves the human heart to bits.

Ammut ” Devourer of the Dead. “

If the heart was judged to be impure, Ammut would devour it, and the person undergoing judgment was not allowed to continue their voyage towards Osiris and immortality. Once Ammut swallowed the heart, the soul was believed to become restless forever; this was called “to die a second time”

( Egyptian Book of The Dead )

So from my Bones to yours-

Happy Valentines Day and remember, if you’re going to take someone’s heart and you don’t treat it with love and care- in fact if you’re a horrible person in general to your loved ones and you’re mean to dogs and cats and  you treat people like garbage because you have  a million and one reasons for why that is ok-

Ammut is watching.

The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead depicts a scene in which a deceased person’s heart is weighed against the feather of truth



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