Friday On Sunday

Inspried by the Word of the Day Challenge: Toodle-oo

Today is Friday, so I wanted to write something fun.

I thought I’d tell you a couple of fun facts about the town I lived in as a child.

Honokaa was riddled with ghosts, demons, cane fields and NOW it’s a  vacation destination.

I SUPPOSE the ghosts and demons aren’t exactly a selling point  and I suppose you could say the natural beauty and the historical footnotes are because that’s how they promote Honokaa.

 I don’t get it. Flowers are pretty, but come on- we’re talking GHOSTS.

Anyway, I’ve also added a song that got a lot of airplay in Hawaii about Friday so I thought that would be a fun touch.

Have a super duper Friday!

Photographer Unknown

A Japanese film released in 2009 starred a boy named Honoka’a who was named after this town which was also the setting for the movie. The world premier of the film even took place in the Honokaa People’s Theatre.

My Grandmother used to take me to the movies at the People’s Thearte. When I was little I remember seeing one about a Nurse who rode a motorcycle.

I Thought That was cool.

Photographer Unknown

These sea cliffs which are best viewed from the Waipio Valley Lookout ( just down the road from where I lived as child ) plunge down over 2,000 feet.

I thought that ghosts climbed up those cliffs every night and I used to sneak outside after dark and wait to see them at the side of the road.

Anita Marie Godfrey
Honokaa, Hawaii
Photo Catalina Godfrey

This is a picture of me, the little kid who used to sneak out of the house at night to wait for ghosts make their way up from the Waipio Valley. Also, this picture is the only existing record  of my one and only self inflicted hair cut- my Mom was PISSED about this cut.

 I had long pretty hair and she used to really work on it. Ha. That’s why she took the picture. If she the technology would have been there, she would have flogged this picture until it went viral and then tried to use it to shame me into never cutting my hair again.

I still have long hair, but I will say it’s because at some point I wanted long wavy sexy hair like my idol, Anne Margret. I don’t think my Mom cares at this point WHY I’ve kept my hair long, just as long as it’s long.

As you can see by the look on my face I guess the occasional atomic bomb going off in my face didn’t really rattle my cage.

Thinking about it, I still handle those blasts pretty well.

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Cemetery
Honokaa Hawaii

This is the cemetery where my Grandparents are buried.

You can actually see the Pacific from their graveside, which I find comforting because if any evil Spirits try to make their way up from the valley they’ll have to get by my Grandparents  and their friends and I doubt very much if that will happen.

I didn’t get that ability to face the occasional terrifying moments in life from Amazon Prime or any of your other On-Line Shopping sites.

So there are some fun things about me and the town where my family is from and

it’s Friday everybody- say toodle-oo to the workweek and hello to the weekend!

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