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What would make the dead want to rise and walk the Earth again? What sweet morsel could you offer them to wake up and run again?

Would that delicious  amuse-bouche be the memory of their loved ones who moved on without them years before they died? The taste of fully loaded baked potatoes? Theatre Popcorn with extra butter?

Would you serve them, on a delicate porcelain plate, shaped like delicate lace cookies,  images of  time as it ground their bodies to dust starting on the day they were born ?

What would make a collection of bones, held together by suit or a dress and maybe a shroud or a blanket, want to push their way  out of their cool dark quiet and nightmare free coffin and back into the world?

I think if the dead could rise and walk the Earth again, they wouldn’t.

Meet Clifford and Emily

Daily Writing Prompt asks: Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?

When I was in Kindergarten, the school I went to used to send home order forms from Scholastic Books once a month.

Believe it or not,  Book Day was a very exciting day back then.

My Mom and Dad were very generous on book ordering day- and at the ” Book Fair ” our school held once a quater. They ordered anything I wanted because halfway through Kindergarten I was reading up an entire grade. It wasn’t that I could just read the words and sound them out, I guess my reading comprehension levels were pretty high, so I was encouraged to read a lot and to read books for older kids.

So my teacher highlighted the books for the next grade up and of course I had the chance to order the same books my classmates  ordered- which I did because those books looked like fun to me.

But then I figured out there were more books about ghosts for the big kids- so that’s what I ended up gravitating towards.

I remember taking home my first order form and ordering my first book. That was an exciting day for me. I only asked for one book that time because it looked like the most wonderful book in the world and none of the other books looked as interesting.

So Daily Prompter, This was the first book I ever bought on my own, it was my favorite childhood book and  it was about a little girl who had a giant red dog.

I think I was hoping that the giant red dog would be like the giant in ” Jack and The Beanstalk” so  I was pleasantly surprised  and not a bit disappointed  when I read ” Clifford ” and found out that  the giant dog’s  best friend was a little girl.

Now  in 1969 a little girl with any sized dog was actually a novel idea and I ate it up.  At that time books and movies centered on  ” A boy and his dog ” themes and if girls were in there it’s because the dog was a female.

The year I discovered ” Clifford ” I already loved dogs, all dogs and after I read Clifford I just knew I wanted a big dog and that me and my big dog would have adventures and love each other like crazy.

That part pretty much came true- I’ve always had big dogs, they were all wonderful and they were my best friends

So on my bookshelf I have a copy of ” Clifford “.  Clifford has a home on the  top shelf where I keep my  prized editions-  my First Edition Stephen King novels live there and nobody who sees it there has ever asked why.


Norman Bridwell, creator and author of the Clifford the Big Red Dog book series, in 2011.