31 Writing Prompts for May 2023: Cracked

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Rape scenes, mutilation scenes, torture scenes, humiliation scenes- the suspect staple of some horror movies. These are the must have elements for your standard horror flick.

May I say here, sometimes I am amused by cheap shots but most of the time I am not amused.

But hardcore ‘horror fans ‘ love this stuff.

When it comes right down to it, I’m not so sure that the people who enjoy these scenes are really scared by them, rather they enjoy them.

They enjoy them a lot.

So when I am at a theatre and I am sitting through your standard ‘horror’ film where the victim shows you her boobs before she dies, or someone gets skinned alive,  I’m not scared or creeped out by what I see on the screen.

However, I AM pretty grossed out and  get caught up in the moment with the rest of the audience  when I realize the person sitting next to me is enjoy what they are seeing.

Something about the way they rub their hands on their thighs or grab their faces and groan before they scream and laugh makes my skin crawl, it makes me not want to walk into a dark room ever again  without feeling along the wall ( with my eyes closed )  for the light switch and if I have the time to gather them-  a cross and a bucket of holy water too.

THAT to me is the true horror story.  I can’t take my eyes off of what I am seeing sitting right next to me and  it’s scene  that makes my skin crawl in horror every single time.

And I must say.

I like that- a lot.