Honky Tonk Women!

For this week’s Thursday Inspiration prompt, Jim Adams has instructed us to respond to this challenge by either using the prompt word woman. 

Terpsichore (dancing and song) (from the Tarocchi series D: Apollo and the Muses, #13)
Master of the E-Series Tarocchi (Italian, 15th century)before 1467

Honky Tonk Women is a hard driving blues/rock tune written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. The story goes  the song was inspired by Brazilian “caipiras” (inhabitants of rural, remote areas of parts of Brazil) at the ranch where Jagger and Richards were staying in Matão, São Paulo

After it was completed Keith Richards was quoted as saying: “[It’s] one of those tracks that you knew was a number one before you’d finished the mother—er.”

I’ve always been partial to this song because when you play it, you really do drive this baby hard. In addition to that, it’s about hard living women, but nowhere in this song do these women bend to anyone wants or desires except for their own  and whoa be to the man who thinks they can be dominated.

The best anyone who takes up with a Honky Tonk Woman can hope for is that she doesn’t hurt them to bad.

Seriously. I love this song it’s a riot.

Here’s some info about the clip I chose to run with this post:

This video from our Live Outside series features two musicians who first met through the “One Love” song around the world.  Keb’ Mo’ and Mermans Mosengo  reunited during a recent event in Los Angeles and this slow, bluesy version of “Honky Tonk Women” was born. They are accompanied by the California Feetwarmers along with Kevin Moore Jr. on drums. 

I met a gin soaked, bar-room queen in memphis,
She tried to take me upstairs for a ride.
She had to heave me right across her shoulder
cause I just cant seem to drink you off my mind.

Its the honky tonk women
Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky tonk blues.

I laid a divorcee in new york city,
I had to put up some kind of a fight.
The lady then she covered me with roses,
She blew my nose and then she blew my mind.

Its the honky tonk women
Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky tonk blues.

(yeah!) its the honky tonk women.
Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky tonk blues.

(yeah!) its the honky tonk women.
Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky tonk blues


Woman with a guitar in the garden
Clara Pechansky

Exploding Birds

RDP Thursday: FURPHY

Blue-breasted Fairy-wren, Malurus pulcherrimus, from Gould’s The birds of Australia
Chesek, Craig

Years and years ago I was thumbing through a Bridal magazine and stamped on a pull out insert with birds  winging around the page with ribbons in their beaks was a Do and Don’t list for your Wedding Reception plans.

On the list in fancy script was a warning about not throwing rice because birds might eat the uncooked rice and it would swell up in their bellies and kill them- what bride would want the death of birds on her hands? What would all of those Disney Princesses who’s  dresses we still riff on to this day say? Especially Snow White and Cinderella?

So for the love of God- don’t throw rice!

I remember some of my friends taking that very seriously and insisted we throw flower petals or confetti instead.

I had no idea that those little tiny birdy bodies ran hot enough to cook rice and when I brought it up, one of my friends who used to cheat off of my papers in Science Class told me it was true and that everybody knew it.

I was a little insulted. Science and Biology were my best classes and the lowest grade I ever got was an A-. I guess she didn’t learn anything from all of  my hard work.

Darn it.

But let’s not be hard on my friend. Some reception halls had that written into their contracts. No rice throwing. Not because it was a mess but it was ” a danger to wildlife ”

In a world where birds explode if they eat uncooked rice,  I guess that if we ever found ourselves in a Jurassic Park situation, all we would have to do is scatter piles of uncooked rice mixed with whatever dinosaurs like to eat and kaboom- exploding dinosaurs.

Birds as you know, belong to the dinosaur family tree so I’m pretty sure this plan is true and it would work-and that’s no furphy.


This Guy

Daily Prompt: What public figure do you disagree with the most

You know there’s no crooked politicians. There’s never a lie because there is never any truth.

Lenny Bruce

The Normalization of “Post-Truth”
Jeff Gates2017-08-23

My father had a deep and lifelong contempt for politicians in general

(“They tell lies,” he used to say with wonder, “even when they don’t have to”). — Gore Vidal