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31 Writing Prompts for May: ADDRESS

Facebook is addressing a concern that they feel has affected members of the FB “community”.

Facebook has  fact checked these pictures because  they want you to know that Baphomet is not participating in story hour at your local library, Satan is not  reading books about  diversity to eight year olds and Demons are not leading Q and A’s about next week’s story hour.

Some of my friends who posted these pictures on their walls ( as well as at The Pumpkin Empress’ page where these photos were created ) have found  these  warnings:

Altered photo
Independent fact-checkers say that the photo or image has been edited in a way that could mislead people, but not because it was shown out of context. You can choose whether to see it.
The same altered photo was checked in another post by fact-checkers. There may be small differences.

Created by The Pumpkin Empress-AI

Pumpkin Empress- AI Photo

Photo By Pumpkin Empress-AI

These pictures created an issue and were flagged too:

These kids look like they’re having fun with reading. But alas, Facebook wants you to know that they are not real kids. They are AI artwork.

Who needs to be told that? When was the last time you saw kids at the library this dressed up?

Photo By Pumpkin Empress_AI

Photo By Pumpkin Empress – AI

Sorry. This isn’t real.  You can’t ask a demon to help you with the computer at the library. I mean,  I’ve heard people offer to sell their soul to figure stuff out on the computers at the library but as far as I know, none of those transactions were ever completed.

This picture wasn’t flagged. So I guess that means that somewhere in our big old world, the Devil is in a library  waiting to welcome you and your children to Story Time. By not flagging it, Facebook has determined it is real. It passed their ‘fact check’ standard.

That means that Satan is in a library with a copy of Goodnight Moon in his lap waiting for everyone to take a seat and I’ll bet he even brought snacks for after.

Why do I think that?  I believe it because Facebook is the keeper of Reality and they know everything.

Created By The Pumpkin Empress- AI

I  can’t say I was surprised to see that there was a certain amount of sadness that Baphomet Book Club was not real. But people are having fun with it. This was my favorite sentiment which is popping up on various walls: FB needs to PROVE that Satan did NOT indeed read to children. Come on FB PROVE IT
Laugh it up, but that is actually part of the fact checking routine….so sure.
Prove it Facebook.