Sunday Mourning

I wrote this based on a conversation I had with a friend over 40 years ago.

My friend had stopped by for a visit. She was living a hard life and married to a good for nothing biker dude. She had a son and her son was about three at the time.

I walked her out to her car and before she got in she told me, ” sometimes I wish it would snow and me and ( her husband and son ) would see it through our bedroom window and we  feel warm and peaceful and happy and then we would fall asleep and never wake up again.

That was the saddest conversation I have ever had in my life.

Russell Drysdale

Last night

I had a dream that the world had ended.

In my dream I wasn’t sure if it had just ended or if it had ended 50 years ago.

The houses and trees and even the sky  above me were covered with dust and the air was


( if there was any air at all ).

And I thought I would feel a little sad

maybe even a little scared or lost that the world had ended so quietly

and the only person left to mourn it was me


 al I felt was relief

sweet, sweet relief

that it was gone,