A Haunting Habit

Inspired By WordPress Daily Prompt: What are your daily habits?


I have one daily habit that I stick to matter what-

Fragaria vesca
Blackwell| Elizabeth1737/173

Everysingle day I try to look at the world around me and I try to find something that

is haunting.

That thing can be a place, a song, a face, a part of a conversation.

Here are some examples:


Haunted Graves

When I visit cemeteries, I like to find old  headstones- gravemarkers whose stories are almost gone. I have always felt that if a grave is haunted, these are the kinds of graves that would hold a ghost- or two.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Comet Lodge Cemetery
Seattle, WA

Photo A.M. Moscoso Woodbine Cemetery Puyallup Washington USA

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Bear Creek Cemetery/Turner Cemetery
Washington state.

A Haunting Conversation

 I’d like to share with you a part of a conversation I heard while I was waiting for the Train last Tuesday that took place between two men.

They were talking about the old Court Houses down South  and how they would never go near any of them  because sometimes people were killed ( back in the day )  inside the Court House, right there in front of the Judge and Jury and nobody did anything about it- but then they started to talk about Swamps and that if the snakes and Alligators aren’t enough to keep anyone away, then the thought of those being watery graveyards for the victims of horrific wrongs and crimes should.

I tied those two things together in my mind and I’m still haunted by that conversation.

I wondered how many ghosts haunt those Swamps and Old Court Houses now and I wonder how angry they must be and I am sort of relived I don’t live near those places. At least I don’t think I live near anything like those Old Court Houses- but I probably do.

Photographer Uknown

Haunted By A Faceless Girl Named Kay

I am haunted by this gravestone.

I wonder who Our Kay was and what she looked like and why her family or friends chose to remember her in two words- those two words actually said a lot. But still. I can’t picture her face and for some reason I really wish I could.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Evergreen Washelli
Seattle Washington USA

So there you have it, my daily habit that feeds my sense of curiousity about the world and that habit reminds me that no matter how dull and uninspiring things may look on the surface- that’s not true. It is not true at all.