The Lucky Devil

Today’s Daily Prompters are asking if I have ever surgery and if so, what for?

Bravo WordPress Prompters- your prompts have verged on the happy clappy side and I have tried my best to answer in my own voice and not one guided by a question posed somebody who is probably thinking how can they keep stuff light and fluffy on the ol’ website today.

This prompt invited us to discuss pain, fear and what did we do to get throught it?

Well prompted!

Here’s the funny part- I’ve never been under the knife, I’ve never broken a bone and the only time I was in the hospital for a medical emgergency was that I had a severe reaction to  a new antihistmine called Seldane. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s because it was taken off the market.

So picture it. I’m in the emergency room,  I’m hooked up to heart monitors and the crash cart is next to my bed and the Doctor comes in.

He stared down at me on the gurney and he was pissed because me and my misbehaving heart had him stumped. Cardiologists don’t liked to be stumped.

He asked me ( again ) what prescription or non- prescription drugs I had taken. Did I have a history of heart disease- things like that.

I told him I was taking Seldane and Erythromycin and that was it.

Then he gave me something to slow my heart down and that burned when they injected it into my system – it burned from the injection site, it burned up into my jaw and into my chest  and when I told him that, he says- ” Well. Nobody has ever said that before. ”

Now it was my turn to be pissed. Racing heart or not I was ready to get up and leave. I hated that twonk.

Two years later this warning was issued:

(in)  July 1992, the existing precautions were elevated to a black box warning and the issue attracted mass media attention in reports that people with liver disease or who took ketoconazole, an antifungal agent, or the antibiotic erythromycin, could suffer cardiac arrhythmia if they also took Seldane.

Here is  some info on the Seldane:

Terfenadine is an antihistamine formerly used for the treatment of allergic conditions. It was brought to market by Hoechst Marion Roussel (now Sanofi) and was marketed under various brand names, including Seldane in the United States, Triludan in the United Kingdom, and Teldane in Australia.It was superseded by fexofenadine in the 1990s due to the risk of a particular type of disruption of the electrical rhythms of the heart (specifically cardiac arrhythmia caused by QT interval prolongation) and has been withdrawn from markets worldwide.

I was in the hospital overnight and it took almost three days for my heart to slow down and go back to normal. I was about 28 years old at the time and I was the youngest person in the ICU with a heart problem. Everyone else was, hahaha near the age I am now- which is 58.

This is a funny little side note- a year later I developed an allergy to erythromycin. I broke out in an ugly rash that spread everywhere except to my face. It didn’t itch, it didn’t affect my breathing. It was just ugly as sin.

Anubis performing the Weighing of the Heart

So that’s as close as I have gotten to having surgery- but I have been told by a few people that when I get my ticket punched, its probably going to get punched hard so I shouldn’t think I’ve gotten off lightly in at area.

I don’t think I’ve gotten away  with anything.

I just think I’m a lucky little Devil.