The Shadows at Mytton Hall

Halloween 2023 Prompts  #2  There was a strange feeling in the air that morning…

Mytton Hall, Francis Seymour Haden, 1818-1910

Follow me to Mytton Hall

where the shadows hide until

night falls.


Just before the Sunsets

and a few seconds after

the shadows and shades

tear themselves away from the walls

of Mytton Hall then

they crawl down the attic stairs

they slide out from under the beds

and the kitchen drawers

where the bone handled knives are kept.


Follow me to Mytton Hall

but let’s not do it  hours and hours before the Sunsets

because that wouldn’t be any fun at all.


Three Faces

#100DAYSOFHALLOWEEN HAPPY– (2) Three facts about me

Artist Unknown

The Japanese say you have three faces. The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family. The third face, you never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are.

I’ll let you decide the order my faces fall into.

Snapchat Lense: A.M. Moscoso

Shanpchat Lense: A.M. Moscoso

Snapchat Lense: A.M. Moscoso


That’s Strange

DAILY PROMPT: What Do You Like To Listen To While You Work

Photographer Unknown


I am a fan of a radio show called ” Kincaid- The Strangeseeker “, which aired from 1996 to 2014 and when I am working or the weather is bad I pull out my Kincaid CD’s and listen  to my favorite collection of Strange Tales.

Kincaid was a cross between Carl Kolchak and Sherlock Holmes- but mostly Kolchak  and the premise- this was a radio show about a Cable News Show  just tickled my fancy.

What I loved the most was that Kincaid’s adventures fell firmly into the Strange Tales category but the stories weren’t afraid to go way out there and leave you standing at the curb saying ” What the heck? ”

Kincaid’s stories took him to haunted houses, and other dimensions, he met a man who invented an engine for cars that ran on water ( spoiler- he was an alien – ) and he even met a talking dog. I forgot, in one adventure he even saved the world from an Alien who had purchased the Earth through a shady real estate deal and if that wasn’t enough weirdness there was a Halloween Episode called ” The Goblin Factory ” that involved a Druid Curse.

I think that if these had been put out as short stories, they could have been lost in the forest of strange tales ( of which there are SO MANY ) but in this format they’re being performed and it’s up to you to fill in the visuals. You get to be part of the experience and anyone who has ever told a ghost story knows that to make those stories work you have to find a way to enable your listeners to see themselves in the story you’re telling.

So I guess that most of the time I like to listen to my radio shows Like the ones that the Imagination Theatre Performs and the shows I can get my hands on that ran back in the  40’s and the 50’s ( my favorites were the spooky ones-of course ).

I do love to listen to music when I work- but sometimes my ear and my head need a little more and for that I go to the Theatre of the Mind every single time.

You can buy single episodes of the Kincaid, The Strange Seeker for download at the Imagination Theatre ( Official site for purchases ) but heads up- they have a collection of great shows you might want to check out too HERE