Back in the day, waaaayyyy back in the day my favorite video game ( we didn’t call the first Nintendo Game System a ‘computer game ‘ ) was Zelda.

I’m talking about  the  Zelda games that came out in the late 80’s early 90’s. Not the fancy pants versions that came out years later and have been churned out since ( which I don’t like )  but the original Zelda with the little guy trying to save a Princess that looked like a pretty Lego Girl. It was your basic fantasy story that pulled you in without fancy graphics because you could take your time playing through the screens.

I remember when me and my Sons would stumble upon secret passages and treasures all on our own because in those days you couldn’t ask Google to get you out your current situation.  At that time we had to ” Ask Jeeves ” and God love that search engine, there was not a lot for him to search for on-line. If you got stuck you had to call people up or wait for a cheat book to come out. Anyway.  Finding those things was a big deal and if you were the one who made the discovery you were the House Hero.

The only thing I didn’t like was the Music. I would play with the sound down, but I  had to remember to turn it back up because when you got to your challenge, there were sounds you had to listen for.

My Sons didn’t feel that way, they’d hum the music from Zelda when they were not playing Zelda and it made me a little crazy. They would try to duplicate that tin like plink plink plink music and they were successful. Especially my youngest son who has a Pitch Perfect ear.

Now these many years I don’t play ‘computer games’ unless you count the word games I play on my phone. However, I have a new appreciation for the music of Zelda.

Several years ago my friend gave me and his Mom some tickets to see Lindsey Sterling at the Paramount in Seattle. I didn’t know who she was, but I had her current CD and I loved it so this was  treat ( thank you Kenny & Linda ).

I don’t remember at what point in her show she started to play the music from Zelda, but with the first few bars she played I thought, ” hey I know this song- but from where? And then I got it.

It was the song from Zelda and it was beautiful:

I’ll be honest. If I could I’d dig up the system and these games and play them again ( I was also a big fan of Super Bomber Man  and Donkey Kong ).

But maybe it’s time to play new games and hear some new songs.