It’s A Haunting Thought

I Can’t Stay Mad at You

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

Onryō from the Kinsei-Kaidan-Simoyonohoshi

Onryō from the Kinsei-Kaidan-Simoyonohoshi

Anyone can forgive, some people can forget. I’m no exception to that.

Hold a Grudge though?

You bet- until the day I die.

Maybe even beyond that day.


I have this theory- when we wrong somebody we create a monster. It lives in the head and heart of  the person you hurt until there is no head or heart for it to live inside.

When that place is gone,  it goes looking for a new home, something dark and fetid and familiar. It goes back to  it’s creator because there’s no place like home, is there?

It doesn’t matter what God you fall on your knees and pray to, it doesn’t matter if your conive or con forgiveness for the pain you caused.

It’s going to come home to you eventually in all of it’s glory.

I guess that’s holding a grudge in a big way, but you reap what you sow- and if you’ve sown a Wicked Garden, poison plants are what you harvest.


When I’m long gone I guess I’ll come back as one of those Ghosts with unfinished business- looking to right the wrongs I feel I suffered in life.

I know, I know, wouldn’t I like to let it go and rest in peace. Wouldn’t I like to join my loved ones who have gone on before me?

Well sure.

But in theory I have all eternity to spend with them.

So that means I have all the time in the world to settle a few scores, right a few wrongs.  I’m sure there a few basements and attics, closets with screaming hinges and dark corners just waiting for me to take up residence.

So the answer is yes:

I do hold grudges and I look forward to working through them with anyone who goes there with me …one at a time…for as long as it takes.


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