The One Who Causes To Live



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After you heart stops, after the lights go off in your brain and your face turns into an expressionless mask, I read an article  that says that your some of your Genes switch on two days following your death.

The idea is fantastic, after everything that made you who you WERE is gone hundreds of your genes look around and say “OK , let’s get to work.”

Wouldn’t it be something if it worked on a grand scale , if your DNA grew another person from your remains.

Maybe we’d get wrapped up like mummies and after 70 days ( which is how long it took to prep a body for mummification ) there was an opening of the mouth ceremony and the bandages came off and there … would it be you? Another you? Would your DNA just pull together information from your history and  see what it got after repairing the damaged you?


Or maybe the way it work is that the person you could have been could have a chance to exist now, deprived of that chance because when the genetic dice got rolled the first time it lost.

Maybe that person is in our blood, our bones, our DNA and after we’ve gone it tries one last time to live.

What an idea.

What  story that would be.


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