The Hunters

Moonlight by Chide Hassam

Moonlight by Childe Hassam

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” Can you see it?” she asked him as they stood together on the moonlit road to nowhere.

He looked into her face, into her eyes he stared at her mouth. ” No.”

” It’s right there. ” she insisted as the dry autumn leaves fell from the trees around them like rain. ” Just look.”

He looked up the road and down the road. ” Nothing is there.”

” It’ is. Look straight ahead and wait. Just wait for one second.”

His head snapped to the left. ” I saw, I think I saw, what was that?” he asked her ” Where did it go?”

She leaned forward and whispered into his ear, ” Stay quiet, keep still, wait just one more second. Can you see it now.?”

He held his hand up. ” I can, it’s right there in the corner, it’s in the corner of my eye.”

” Turn you head very slowly, slowly Calum, very very slowly.”

” Isabelle. What is this? Can it be?”

Isabelle took his hand. ” It’s our new home my dear. Our lovely new home. No one can take this one from us, nobody can turn us away from this one. Never again, I swear.”

The two neglected graves at the edge of the cemetery bathed in moonlight on the road to nowhere were marked by ruined gravestones, the names and dates worn away by time.

” Ours?” he asked her.

” They are now.” She led him through the darkness to their new eternity.


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    • I think that Isabelle’s and Calum’s trust in each other on that dark road is the beauty that balances out the macabre situation.

      One highlights the other without taking away.

      Thank you for the wonderful comment!

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