Look Down

Below, where it’s  dark…

At The Crossroads

Soul Food Cafe

Alphabet Project


 Is for Descent into the Under World

Photo: A.M. Moscoso Photo: A.M. Moscoso

We don’t really ever stumble upon our path to the Underworld- we each blaze a trail down to the very core of that darkness that some of us crave or need or find ourselves  the slaves too.

It’s such a small step to take- all we have to do is look down, fall to our knees and lift, push  or dig to find that door.

Are we ever surprised when we consider how easy it is to find ourselves there?

Yesterday I was walking through Pioneer Square in Seattle and I saw a lot of manhole covers- on the street, on the side walks- each of them inviting me to look down, to look at them and to consider

what it I would find if I were to lift one and descend.

Would I find…

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