First they whispered

from under my bed

‘ come and find us’

they hissed

with ice in their blood

and fear in their veins

” Go away ” I said

and they did.

” Come and find us “

They whispered

when I was lost in thought

driving my car, taking a walk

” Go away ” I said

and they did.

” We’re going away “

they said

” We will leave you alone, it’s what you want  isn’t it? “

” No ” I hissed with ice in my veins

” Don’t leave me alone. Stay with me forever”

I offered

as I slid into the dark

under my bed.



 Is for Descent into the Under World

1. separation from the family


Antonio Garcia Lamolla

Antonio Garcia Lamolla

I’ve written some poems inspired by a Soul Food Cafe Project called

” D ” Is for Descent

The Descent of Inanna

According to Mircea Eliade, traditional rituals of descent tend to follow a universal pattern.

1. separation from the family
2. regression to a pre-natal state, the cosmic night
3. death, dismemberment, suffering
4. rebirth
5. killing of another

I wrote five poems based on the pattern above.

It was an enlightening stroll into the darkness.

I hope you will read them  HERE