Christmas Wish


This is what I wish for Christmas this year:

Ladislav Mednyánszky

Ladislav Mednyánszky



I hope it snows

I hope it snows a lot

I hope we get buried in the stuff

and then when the sunsets I hope the clouds break away and the stars burn up the night sky.


I hope it snows

I hope the world freezes over

I hope its so cold that my bones ache

and when I think Winter is never going to end and what did I make this stupid wish FOR

Christmas music  comes on the radio


I feel warm and happy in all of that cold.

That’s what I wish for Christmas.

Inspired by The Soul Food Cafe Prompt

Magic Writing Tram: Guided Imagery





Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

November 28, 2016

This is a fun prompt from The Soul Food Cafe’s 2003 Advent Calender- you do some soul searching and list 45 things you are grateful for.

So that’s what I’m going to do here.  I’m not going to pop out 45 because I’d like to reflect on them a bit. So let’s start cooking:


  1. I am grateful for being able to write- I am grateful that some people enjoy my work and I am grateful for the ones who don’t. Having people respond to you art is what matters at the end of the day.
  2. I am grateful for It’s cooler and more reliable then Wikipedia- which anyone can mess with and they even have an icon to click so you can hear the word. Did I mention they have quizzes and trivia? The Science Geek in me is geeking out over this site. It’s fabulous!
  3.  I am grateful for Absinthe– I am not a big drinker- I’m not even a sometimes drinker but when I do go out and have that occasional drink, having one with a cool history makes the experience a little more exciting. Was it exciting?  First of all, absinthe is green, people believed that drinking it would make you go insane and it tastes like licorice. What’s not to love?



Wow- that was fun!

I thought I would go the Sunday School, Touchy Feeley  ” I am grateful ” road- but I’m hoping as I list these things out they all make me smile


I think I’m going to add the Absinthe site to my blog links.



Soul Food Cafe 2003 Advent Calender Project:Eureka Stockade ( Day Three )

1. Keep a gratitude journal this month. In honour of the forty-fivers do 45vers – a list of 45 things you are grateful for – 45 things worth ‘fighting for’.