The Empty Well

The writer in me who creates monsters, writes stories about demons and one of my stories was about revenge and cupcakes- is looking at what a bunch of malicious Americans have done to to our Country  and she’s saying,

” NOTHING, man I have nothing.”

November 10, 2016

The First Legislative District Democratic Party in Washington State

worked to vote in a candidate ( Guy Palumbo ) who’s campaign was fully funded by Charter School Money.

 He was also quoted as saying to a Republican Campaign Staffer:

“Don’t worry, I’m probably going to be the first one to cross over for you guys.”


Let’s do the math shall we?

Donald Trump: Luvs him some Charter Schools and ran a campaign based on race- baiting.

Guy Palumbo:  Campaign paid for by Charter School PAC’s  and ran a  campaign based on race baiting .