Stories , Poems, and More By A.M. Moscoso

I took it apart,

said my brother over the remains of my

prized yo-yo

my EZ Bake Oven

my Rollerskates

to see how it works.

It’s because he is curious, intelligent, he is a typical boy

I was told by my Dad efore my anger could boil into rage.

I looked down at my ruined


the remains of my EZ Bake Oven

my well worn skates

” I want new ones.”

I demanded.

” You should have taken better care of your things. ”

I was told.

My brother smiled.

My Dad laughed.

So I punched my brother





Daily Post Prompt: Unravel

One thought on “Pull This

  1. Thomas Ward says:

    oh my…that made me laugh

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