To My Dearest Bones

Today I was asked at the Waiting For Godot Advent Calendar, ” What are the things you cannot let go of? What item, that you have a close attachment to, would you be prepared to offer to the muses in return for a cup of the elixir of creativity? What is something you just cannot relinquish?”

The first thing that popped into my head:

My bones.

I write from my bones, feel from my bones and when I’m gone they will outlive me for a very long time.

I love my bones. They make me the person I am. They support me in everything I do and they have served me well for my entire life.

So I wrote a poem about them.


I can’t live without you

be without you

my bones wrapped neatly under my skin.

I am nothing without  you

can’t dream without you

my bones held firm by muscle and skin

I’ll live forever

because of you

leave my mark in the earth

because of you

smiling into eternity dreamless  with you

my bones

gleaming like diamonds

cradled with love

held soft kept warm


muscle and skin

Photo: A.M. Moscoso

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