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Mark of the Destiny

If she stopped her car right now, if she turned off the engine and got out at this exact moment and went into the diner would she find what she was looking for? Would she find adventure and sin, would there be roadmaps at the counter that were old and full of ghost towns she could haunt? If she got out now and walked into the diner would the moon wink, would the crows scream would she find her ending or beginning if she stopped her car and got out right now.

I think we know what our destiny is, that’s what we are afraid to face, I think that’s what holds us back sometimes.

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The Goodnight Kiss



” Our true love will never die ” he promised  her in a second of passion

his hands gently cradling her face

his dark eyes swallowed her body and soul.


She gave her flesh, her bone, the air in her lungs to him, with cool gentle  sigh

that became a shiver racing down her spine.


She was a feast. She was delicious.

Then. Bliss.

She reached out for him.

Her touch  felt like  a whisper

against his skin

as she took his hands in hers


kissed him gently on his practiced,

well used mouth.


She looked up and smiled

she parted her lips

pressed her teeth


against the side of his neck

and bit down.

When she was done with her eternal goodnight kiss,

she pulled her head away and she asked his empty flat eyes

” Want to bet? ”

Inspired by the Daily Addictions Prompt: Access