Step Away From The Camera

Sometimes when I take a picture it’s because I see a story and want to preserve the moment.

Sometimes my dog grabs my phone and I save those pictures because my dog took them and I love him…duh.

And other times the pictures aren’t just plain wrong, but I like them anyway…for example:

Last Monday  the sky was full of smoke and the Sun looked ill so I took a picture of it because I lack empathy for nature.

I toss non recyclables into the recycle bin a lot of the time- that’s how bad I am to Nature.

Photo A.M Moscoso

I liked this picture better upside down.

Actually, it was a bad shot but I liked the colors and textures so I wanted to make it work.

Photo A.Moscoso

I’m not sure who hung this picture of a cat( or maybe it ‘s a rabbit)  in the tree to save it from the sidewalk which was wet from rain but if they cared enough to do that I figured I should do my part to save it too.

So I took a picture of it.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

My brother is a talented photographer, my nieces are gifted too. Me. I just sort of try to take good pictures and most of the time I fail.

But damn, they ARE interesting failures.

So in my own pathetic little way, I guess I’m not half bad

Amore Mio

Photo by Pixabay on


Your sweet embrace

your delicate kisses

your warm rich  voice singing words of love and passion

just to me, only to me

you swear

upon a thousand falling stars.


Let me whisper this back to you

sweetly, delicately


My soul is yours to feast on, my passion is your drink, my body your endless night to take refuge in


amore mio

You do this one thing, this small thing for me-


Go start the dishwasher, I forgot to do it earlier.

Oh and let the cat out while you’re up.


Photo by Bess Hamiti on



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