I Remember When

I remember when you could wear a costume like this because it was sweet and funny.

Now that plastic face and that painted on happy smile is enough to give you the chills.

With that being said, it’s safe to say I would TOTALLY find a way to use this as a Halloween decoration this year.

I remember when I used to sit around and hate August and tolerate September because I was so desperate for Halloween to happen.

As an adult I have learned a valuable lesson about time.

There isn’t a lot of it and what is there goes by pretty fast.

As a rule, I do something Halloween related every chance I get.

Sometimes being an adult is worth the pain of endless responsibilities and gray hair and the creaky bones ( wait, I like that sound- strike that one ).

Sometimes you get to call the shots and NOBODY can stop you.

Days till Halloween:

84 Days 9 Hours and 4 Seconds