So. I Watched Some Movies.

During the Summer, on the weekends I like to catch up on my spooky movies.

Netflix offers a bunch of great ones- including foreign language films with subtitles.

Personally, I would rather have subtitles then dubbed over films. But that’s just me. I Love hearing different accents and languages. It truly is music to my ears.

With that interesting factoid about my day here is a little about the films I enjoyed.


The Hereafter.

I went back and read that one of the biggest criticisms of this movie were  that people felt  the three stories that came together  at the end of the movie didn’t hang together well during the film.

Look, if you can’t keep up with the stories in progress it’s not the movies fault, is it? You have to keep up. Just like you do when you are reading.

I enjoy films like this because you have to pay attention to what is going on or the movie doesn’t make sense at the end. If you do pay attention you get to watch the pieces snap into place and it a pretty intense engaging moment when they do.

Next I watched Veronica.

Remember what the Exorcists always say about Demonic Possession. Don’t listen to the demons because they lie.

That’s all I’ll say about this film.

And then, there is the film I wanted to watch, I started to watch and then I chickened out.

This film is called, ” The Nightmare “. It’s about Sleep Paralysis. Over the years I have suffered from that weird disorder and to this day I can’t even read stories about it. It just hit’s way to close from home.

Unlike some of the people who were telling their stories in the promo, when I am in that state I dream about a tiger. It’s always the same tiger.  But in my mind I know it’s not really a tiger.

I don’t hear Hell or see ghosts.

Just that tiger that is not really a tiger going from room to room and then sitting in my doorway breathing.

After all of these years ( I dreamt about it for the first time when I was six and I’m in my 50’s now ) I still don’t know or have come to understand the significance of the Tiger.

With that in mind, watch it because you can say you know of someone who has been through this experience in real life.

I may not have done much writing this weekend, but I did get to enjoy other peoples stories and It was time well spent.

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