Good advice is good advice and if it comes in the form of a great poem…well…drink it up!

Visions of Paul

As I write this, I am full of love

Full of calm, full of peace

Many years have passed since I felt like this

Blending with life, with the universe

Serene and balanced

It’s a nice feeling, euphoric, liberating, yet connecting

A high

Simplicity overwhelms my thoughts

Air around me fits like a cozy blanket

I could sleep like a baby, if I wanted to

Secure and safe

My future opening up, giving me a glimpse of happier times ahead

My past no longer haunts me

It has gone; of no consequence anymore

Like a child, I am seeing the world in its purest form

Its beauty, and the wonderous possibilities

I feel its music, a guitar sings to me

Symphonic echoes bouncing, within my cells

I have found purpose once again

Alive, inspired

Great things await me

Some, not so great too

Rain will fall, it will not drown…

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