The Gardeners

Na/GloPoWriMo! Day Eight Prompt didn’t speak to me exactly, but this phrase from the business jargon phrases generator that they said could inspire a poem did: “conveniently cultivate professional human capital .”

Here we go:

Photo A.M. Moscoso


She came to our door

bible in hand

wearing sensible shoes and floral printed


she was wearing a hat

with daisies painted on the rim.


My son answered

our door

and he said hello

The lady in the hat  got to the point, wanted to save his Soul.


” Do you know what will happen to you in the next life, do you know who will meet

after you die?

she asked my son who was about 16 at the time.

He said in all honesty, he did not.


As she smiled and

prepared to claim his soul

in the name of her Lord

my Son  said quietly, gently

as he imagined I would do:


” My Mother’s a mortician, and  who knows? Maybe one day she’ll  have the chance to meet you too.”