A Fool In Lust

Photo A.M. Moscoso

On a fence

near my favorite cemetery

a fool

rings his bells

and calls saucily to me,

” Hey there friend, want to step inside? We’re having a great time and that’s no lie”


I said,  ” Good day ” and prepared to stroll by

by the Fool on the fence said,

” You know you want in, I can see it in your eyes.”


I went to the fool and we stood nose to nose,

” Tell me Fool,  go ahead, do I look like I want to sleep

with a bunch of dusty old bones?”


The Fool pushed his lips, right next to my ear.

” Not sleep, never sleep maybe feast on ten or more, what do you

say my little dark  paramour?”

” I think if your were smarter, ” I said as I reached up

” You wouldn’t offer dinner to a woman who just wants lunch.”

RDP Monday: FOOL

Career Day!

When I was in the third grade- I would have been about nine years old at the time

my teacher had something like ‘career day’ for our class.

We were supposed to write a theme about the kind of job we wanted  have when we grew up.

I knew at that age EXACTLY what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I wanted to either be a Captain of my own Starship, just like Captain Kirk and my backup ( though we didn’t use that phrase back then ) involved horses, because really, all little girls love horses, right?

I wanted to be The Headless Horseman- I wanted to ride a scary demon horse and chase people around on Halloween and try to cut their heads off.

I was deadly serious on both counts.

I read books about astronomy and I tried like the Devil to find anything involving NASA- which wasn’t easy because anything Space related was on TV ( my family were not big newspaper readers, so that resource wasn’t an option) . The biggest challenge for me then, was that back then most houses had one TV, and the kids weren’t in charge of it- except for maybe when Saturday Morning cartoons were on, which to be honest I was never interested in.

Plus, when I even whispered anything science related I was told not be a ‘know it all’.

My teacher- who went on to be a failed Christian Missionary- hauled me out into the Hall with my report- it had a giant red ” F ” on it and stapled to the front was blue slip my papers had to sign to acknowledge my bad grade.

” Anita, you are a fool. Do you understand that? ‘

My takeaway was that he said I was a fool and made foolish decisions but I had no right to make him or the class he was teaching about something as important as  CAREER CHOICES look foolish. He suggested I think, I consider janitorial work or waitressing as options and that if I had any sense  I would re write my report and turn that in with those options  instead of ‘ this’ he waved my report under my nose.

I was so angry at him I was ready to go full on Headless Horse Kid on him right then and there.

No doubt it was an awful position to be in because I was the only one to get an ” F ” and everyone  in my class would know it because our Teacher put a graph on the blackboard showing who got what grade on our ‘big’ assignments.

I never re-wrote my paper and I never took the blue slip home so I got that big giant lonely  “F”

Still, that wasn’t the worst part of this entire issue.

I wasn’t sure, you see,  what he considered  to be a more foolish choice- my choice to become an astronaut or my choice to be a demonic head hunter.

RDP Monday: FOOL

How To Be The Curious Traveler

There are buildings you’ve never seen before


cats lounging in windows,  curled in improbable shapes around potted plants, snoozing with one eye open under wind chimes, their fuzzy cheeks pressed against half drunk cans of soda pop.

There are streets you’ve never walked down before

lined with pastel colored cars and brightly colored garbage cans parked on the curbs where they silently fight for space on sidewalks much smaller then the ones at home


squeezed between brick and wooden houses and markets with decals of dancing fruit and children eating ice cream on their glass doors


little diners named after Mothers and Grandfathers and sometimes dogs that have  chickens and alligators or maybe fish painted on the windows.


Don’t pretend like you know where you’re going

as you stroll by the cats, the diners, the markets, the parked cars

don’t walk with the swagger and squint of a seasoned traveler, the wily  explorer who has scaled the  pyramids or cruised all of the  Seven Seas years ago on a dare.

Put the phone away, delete the app, it’s okay


take a wrong turn

to not know where this road leads and that road ends



close your eyes,

don’t take a breath

Jump right on in






Na/GloPoWriMo :It Begins Day 2- For our first (optional) prompt, let’s take our cue from O’Neil’s poem, and write poems that provide the reader with instructions on how to do something.