Old Ladies With Sticks

Today’s  challenge  from Na/GloPoWriMo  Day 10  is to write a poem that starts from a regional phrase, particularly one to describe a weather phenomenon


Old ladies with sticks

chased me from my car, over the railroad tracks

to the safety of the curb

where I was protected by trees until I found

my weapon

buried at the bottom of my backpack

something I could use

to do battle

with those vicious old ladies with sticks!


I stepped bravely out to the curb

weapon in hand

I lifted it to the sky

I clutched it in my fist and screamed

to those vicious, merciless old ladies with sticks

” Screw you rain! If you were snow, everyone would love you! Hear me! Be gone vicious hags!”

and I unfurled my umbrella and went to war

bravely with honor against

those vicious, evil, Old Ladies With Sticks.


Inspired by a Welsh  saying:  “Mae hi’n bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn” which literally means “It’s raining old ladies and sticks”. David Goadby, Pwllheli, north Wales



Na/GloPoWriMo Day Nine asks us to engage in another kind of cross-cultural exercise, as it is inspired by the work of Sei Shonagon

Wickedness isn’t born like me or you or a kitten, it doesn’t sprout from the ground like a flower or a tree.

Wickedness is created, like a painting,  stroke by stroke upon an unyielding piece of canvas

like a mural on a wall with nothing to stop it  from becoming something else other then a cool brick wall.

Wickedness is like Frankenstein’s Monster stitched together in secret from stolen corpses taken from the ground in the dead of night against their will  with rough hands and rusty shovels.

Wickedness in a tribute, a memorial to the remains of good things

that should have been.

Conjoined Twins, Pizza and Moments of Whimsy

My friend and I were looking at this picture and he thought it was funny and sassy and whimsical. It reminded him of those old time movies that they used to show at this place we went to as kids called ” Pizza and Pipes.”

At Pizza and Pipes you could make a song request and drop it in this box and the organist would play your request while you at pizza.

There was a small screen that played those old silent films- which were ok. But the music and Pizza was the fun part.


So, back to the weird picture.

I told my friend that I thought the picture was weird and strange and boy did I love it.

First of all, it looks like the babies are conjoined twins- I think its the way they are leaning away from each other that gave me that impression.

Second, the Cop has his hands at that woman’s throat and he’s got this wicked smile on his face and she looks like she’s already dead- what else could that vacant look mean? Look at all the other faces. Her expression is mask like- as in like the expression she had on her face before the Flying Cop snapped her neck.

And that fan on the Flying Cop’s balloon- it looks like a buzz saw is on top of it.  So I think  he straps it on floats the dead lady and her conjoined twins up into the air and lets the saw finish them all off.

” Explain to me, ” my friend since we were five years old asks, ” How it is that you can see all of that. Seriously. How is that possible? It just not there.”

” Well. ” I said, ” It’s a gift, seeing the weird stuff in life. It could also be that I took a few to the head when I used to jump out of the tree in my backyard for fun.”