The Happy Homemaker

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is TOOL.  It used to be thought that tools were the province only of humans, but we now know that many animals, particularly birds and mammals use tools.  Do you have a favorite? Share your tool inspired creation with us, and thanks


When I set up my first home

Everyone asked if I wanted stuff for my new place and I said of course!

I was very excited you see, to be setting up my own little place.


I asked for knives.

Lots and lots of knives.

I figure every well ordered home had knives, don’t they?

So I asked for knives

and a knife sharpener

and a first aid kit.

And Band-Aids.

What do you need with so many knives?  Everyone who asked somewhat were puzzled and for some reason they were a little apprehensive too.

” And band-aids, don’t forget the band-aids. I like the ones that look like bacon strips.”

That year I got lots of cool things, I mean my family and friends were super generous.

I Didn’t get any knives though.

Among the fondue pots ( got two of those ) and the Wok and the hot air popcorn popper I did get book about the benefits of meditation and  about a dozen of those cds  that play relaxing music and sounds from nature and I got a dvd of a coral reef and fish- it’s supposed to be soothing the cover says.

But like I said.

Not a single knife.

Thinking back on it, maybe I asked for too much. Maybe this time I’ll just ask for one thing.

Like an axe.

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Na/GloPoWriMo Prompt#19:  The challenge is to write an abecedarian poem

Comic By Natalie Dee


Abracadabra I will amaze you

Behold I will dazzle you with

Crafty turns of phrases my

Deft use of the language

Everyone will gasp and shout “Bravo” and then

For your amusement with nothing up my sleeve I shall

Google words and run to Dictionary dot com and I will

Hijack  what I find  and put them down on this page

It will be magic it will be like I did it on purpose and

Just when you think I’m done PRESTO I shall present you with

Kaleidoscope of words, turning like wind chimes caught in the breeze

Lovely sounds that make pictures in the air, diving around your head like a

Murder of of crows

Never before have you seen such magic, such skill,

Over the top with the greatest of ease, I am the writer

Playing magician , playing poet from my magic hat I shall pull out

Quiet thoughts and quiet words that take you to another place that

Raced from my head

Screeched in delight

Try to catch us Anita try to make sense of us

Uh-oh Princess you missed us again it was a

Valiant effort horror writer, butcher of beauty maker of  monster infested dreams

We applauded your effort until we saw you hoist your flag and sail away on your

Xebec  with it’s skeleton crew

Yes I guess this was another fun  mess what fun and then I heard someone scream

Zounderkite you mock us! You don’t play fair!