The Journey Started Somewhere

I’m participating in a great on line writing workshop that was created by Heather Blakey of the Soul Food Café . This is my response to the first prompt. If you’d like to share in the adventure check out the link provided in my post ( The World of Georgina McClure)

At The Crossroads

Inspired by a new Creative Adventure :

The World of Georgina McClure

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How far would you go to save someone you care about?

How far would you run or fly or crawl

to save somebody else?

How far would you go to save


Have you ever tried, was it worth it? Did it matter

at all?

We all come from somewhere

and I suppose in the end we all end up in the same place

with the same question in our eyes

and frozen on our lips.

But before I do that, before I  give up the ghost

I’m going to make one final trip, I’m going to give myself one last chance

to use the key, I’ve kept hidden in my guitar case

and open a door with the bronze hinges shaped like hands


go somewhere, because I came from someplace

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