Ghost of Me

RDP Wednesday – SIBLING

The only sibling dynamic I have ever found interesting is the one that involves human Chimerism.

Human Chimerism occurs when a woman is carrying fraternal twins and one of the embryos dies very early in the pregnancy and the surviving twin absorbs it.

Cain and Abel? Ha- Cain has nothing on an embryo that absorbs it’s sibling and then carries it’s twin’s DNA around like a hunting trophy or something.

While that thought rolls around in your brain, here’s an interesting factoid about Chimerism.

I read that in utero twin loss runs up to 30% so it’s thought that there are actually more then a few human Chimeras out there.

In essence, these Chimeras are carrying around the ghost of their twin, which I suppose makes them a human haunted house.


I went there.

So. Like.

Happy it’s almost Halloween.

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