Blah, Blah , Blah and Whatnot

I love to listen to people talk, I love to hear their stories, I  really enjoy watching people paint pictures with words because I’m a writer and to be honest I’m always on the hunt for snapshots that I can file away and dig out when I’m writing

and I do that, a lot.

The thing is, since FB and cellphones and emojis I think that people are losing their ability to have actual conversations and listening to some people isn’t much fun or even interesting anymore.

Part of the reason I feel this way are because of these two over used , vomit inducing expressions:

The first is Whatnot.

People use this phrase when there are just to many words to choose from so they make you decide which ones to choose because life is just so hectic and saving time is the name of the game.

” Well. I like all those shoes and whatnot “

” I binged watch Netflix and whatnot and then I ordered pizza” 

” It took me 20 minutes longer and whatnot because the traffic  was bad.”

Sure I can fill in the blanks for every “whatnot” you drop on me. But when I do, in my head  I’m going to replace your voice with the one that I imagine my cat would have if he could talk ( just to make things interesting ).

I’m pretty sure he’d toss a few extra words my way to make his point because my cat is all about making himself understood. Cats are like that.

Anyway, when I hear “whatnot” this is what it feels like and to a degree sounds like ( when I forget to queue my cat’s voice )

And then there’s blah, blah,  blah.

People pop those words in when they’re repeating a conversation and they really want to drive home the fact that the other person is a fool and stupid and what they said was meaningless and not important to the point that the person telling you their story is making.

Look, get out your cell phone or go to a mirror and say, ‘blah blah blah’

Not a pretty picture is it.

Do yourself a favor and drop blah, blah, blah from your lexicon.


That was a rant wasn’t it?

But not one without some merit.


Fandango’s February Expressions #17

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