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The short and the sweet of it is- I don’t like Bernie Sanders. I haven’t since Thomas Hartman rammed him into my ears on a segment he aired called ” Brunch With Bernie” – and he billed him as ” America’s Senator” .


When the show started and the love fest began I’d give it a few minutes and turn change it to another station. So yes I did listen but not much of what Bernie said spoke to my issues and I didn’t really learn anything because what he would spin was getting spun at the Democratic meetings I attended and at least when people rode those ponies they didn’t drone on and on and on and they put some passion into their arguments.

So now Bernie is running for President ( again )  and some of my Progressive friends are hard at it for Sanders.

And God help you if you aren’t a Berner.

They will show up on your FB page and flame you for daring NOT to support the man who MLK marched with ( yeah I turned it around on purpose because  it’s all about how Bernie was THERE then anything else with them ) They will flame you and demand to know what kind of monster are you for not wanting Health Care, or clean water and Education for us all!

Listen to them, they will tell you how to vote because obviously if you are supporting Biden or Warren or anybody else except for Bernie then you my friend are a danger to yourself and everyone around you.

Well guess what.

I was actually THIS close to voting for Bernie in the Primary. Some of his ideas are pretty good and I liked them. He grew on me- a little.

Then my friends- and I’m not talking sort of friends who troll around my Facebook page to make sure I support Bernie- but my real world friends went off the rails just before Nevada and they pretty much stayed there afterwords.

It’s like the Election was over and the White House was Bernie’s.

I started to see these messages about how Berners were going to fight for us all- no matter who we supported- we were being forgiven I guess for being Uppity and for our serious transgressions.

The most heinous was not supporting Bernie of course.

I get what they actually meant, but  the message I got was, ” It’s okay, we will be fair, kind … benevolent, we are going to fight for YOU, now say it.

Say you feel the Bern.

I am so sick of the Berners that if Bernie is on the ballot for the General Election I’ll probably write in my dog ( I live in a Blue state and it’s going to stay that way ) but the thing of it is this:

Lots of people love their dogs as much as I love mine-so who knows how many dogs could get votes instead of Bernie.

Enough to make a difference in my home state?  Who knows.

But seriously Berners, if you get ahead of Bernie and YOUR rabid, insane rants are the face of the campaign I predict  many dogs will get votes for President.

At least mine will get one.

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  1. Not my guy either. Took a couple of tries to completely unsubscribe. Same thing happened last time around. I remember those Thom Hartmann segments. Bern seems to foam at the mouth now more than back then.

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