Okay Bro

This Bernie Bro has echoed the sentiment of lots of Bernie Bros after the primary in South Carolina and to some extent before, that ” Black Voters ” owe Bernie their votes, support and gratitude because Sanders marched with Martin Luther King Jr. ( not exactly correct info on behalf of this particular Bro- read HERE )


If we follow The Bernie Bro’s Logic, then somebody better get to work and find out the name of every single white person who marched with MLK so that every single ” Black Voter ” can show their thanks by supporting them – without question and in all of their endeavors- whether they agree with them or not.

Truly Berners, this is not helping anyone, you sound a teensy bit obnoxious and heavy handed so as an fyi you might want to read this:

There Is No Such Thing as the ‘Black Vote’


Here’s What Bernie Sanders Actually Did in the Civil Rights Movement

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