Ghost Train

This is how my started out: What Day is it Anyway? 


Today I took the Ghost Train to Seattle aka Coronaville.

I was all alone in the car that I normally ride in and normally there would be at least a dozen people  in here with me.

Today there was just me.

Today I think I learned how a ghost in an empty house feels.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

A.M. Moscoso


5 thoughts on “Ghost Train

  1. Oh, the dream of this introvert on a train. I used to take the train to commute nearly two decades ago. t was in Southern California and it got very weird after 9/11. I did love the train as it gave me an hour of quiet for writing. I started writing my first book on my Palm Pilot back then. It does seem scary now. Especially where you are. Stay safe, healthy.

    • Yeah. I think it’s past that. I’m staying away from my family and friends with underlying medical conditions. I mean, I feel fine but I am riding a train in and out of Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle and this has been around since January so I guess at some point I’ve already run into it or I will.

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