I Think We’re Alone Now

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I thought that this scene from the Umbrella Academy was fun when I first saw it. The movie was intense,  the characters needed a break.I loved it.

They were dancing alone, but they were dancing together.

That was a neat message.

Of course now when I watch this clip I can totally relate on a different level because  here in Washington state we are under stay at home orders and so far I have put in one week of staying at home ( the orders went into effect when I was considered an Essential Worker and I lost that status last Thursday.)  Now  I go for walks with my dog and the rest of the time I am inside.

I write, I read, I play my guitar. I’m good.

Anyway, I pulled this clip up yesterday on the Eve of my first week and did it make me sad?

Actually it did not.

It made me smile and that felt good.





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