Me and My Shadows

RDP Thursday – LONELY

Last Thursday I was laid off from work- so on Friday I took Governor Inslee’s stay at home orders to heart.

I started out last Friday under my first   official ‘ Day 1 ‘ under Stay At Home orders.

Until that Thursday I had been deemed part of an the Essential Work force and was taking a train in and out of Seattle. Because of that I worked under the assumption I was dealing with people who carried the contagion or that I was carrying it myself- so I took all of the guidelines for being out in public very seriously.

However, because I didn’t fall into a category to be tested I wasn’t sure if I had the Coronavirus- or if what had bothered me for a few weeks back in February were my allergies or as  I felt- I had a touch of the flu.

I’m good about getting flu shots so when I felt a little under the weather I thought maybe what I had been vaccinated against was trying to get me, but couldn’t get a grip on me ( take that ya nasty bug! )

My nose wouldn’t stop running ( I’m serious, it was like a faucet that wouldn’t stop running and if I put my head down or looked down- it was embarrassing. It was like incontinence of the face.)  All I wanted to do was sleep and food had lost all of it’s magic for me. It all tasted so blah. I thought it was because of my allergies.

During that time I would be at work going about my business or at home watching tv and then all of the sudden I would feel like I was burning up.

Allergies-maybe menopause? Didn’t know. I just popped some Ibuprofen opened a window put on a tee-shirt and within twenty minutes I felt fine- but it would happen again a few days later and that went on for almost two weeks.

The thing is, my allergies have never had symptoms like that before and I never got hot flashes tied to my menopause symptoms during the day.

But what else could it have been?

I still don’t know.

So within this last week  felt like I got to hit the reset button and now I can pay attention to my health.

I feel like Dr Frankenstein- doing experiments in secret with Lucifer looking over my shoulder( actually he does ), I have a print of Lucifer by Van Stuck hanging above my fireplace and I write under it.

The monster I am trying to create? Am I experimenting on myself?

We’ll see. I’ll probably end up writing about it.

The problem is, my worst imaginings are getting a run for their money right now.

Lucifer and Co
Photo By A.M. Moscoso


4 thoughts on “Me and My Shadows

  1. I’m on standby so when the order gets lifted I get my job back. But going to work was really stressful, you’re right there. And you bet I’m going to get the anti bodies test as soon as it’s avalible.

  2. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your job. Take care. Rest. It must have been very stressful working under those circumstances. Maybe get an antibody test when a decent one is available so that you will know whether you were exposed to the virus.

  3. Take your temperature morning and evening. See what happens without ibuprofen. Take very good care of yourself please.

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