Let’s Eat Cake


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I celebrate 2 weekly anniversaries now- one is the day ( Thursday, March 26th) I was deemed non-essential and the second is the anniversary of me going under ‘stay at home orders’ right after that.

Being deemed non-essential and being laid off from work really stung- especially because division of the company where I worked are still open, but I am so low on the totem pole it was ( what else can I think when I am tagged non-essential? )- buh -bye when the hammer came down.

That one stung.

When Thursday rolls around I know to keep myself busy doing stuff I am good at, things that make me feel valuable and essential- so I write, I read books that send me down the research rabbit hole and make me ask ‘why’ or ‘ I didn’t know that’ and I have to go looking for answers and I’m actually pretty good at finding them.

Friday then was the first day  I fell under stay at home orders.

I haven’t played around with that. I really do stay at home and I stay away from people in my neighborhood because of the rampant cheating I know that some of my neighbors do- and no they’re not going shopping or to necessary appointments.

How do I know? Lets just say that when people feel like they’re getting away with stuff they like to brag and they have ways of getting that info out there. Plus there’s this theory that if you have a barbeque in the back yard and only your family and friends that you see a lot of show up you won’t catch the Virus.

Anyway my anniversary of being told that Stay at Home started on Friday, March 27th.

So on Friday I celebrate a week of following stay at home orders by doing whatever I want- even if that means hanging out in my Hello Kitty Fleece wear all day and bingeing on pop tarts and NOT watching one second of the news.

So on Thursday is my no so fun anniversay-but then Friday rolls around right after it and I  jump into that one with gusto.

And maybe cake.



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