Reality Plays At Normal

Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Lifes Allusions

Societies New Normal:

Toilet Paper Hoarding.

My New Normal:

Hoarding Red Baron Mini Pizzas.

Societies New Normal:

Social Distancing.

My New Normal:

Pretending like I hate social distancing.

Societies New Normal:

Wearing Face Masks.

My New Normal:

Not having to fight he urge to wear a Plague mask anymore.

My new normal sort of mirrors the new normal around me but it’s funny because it feels like I’m only pretending that it’s ‘new’ to me.

That’s’ probably sad  but  I am happy  that at last I may at long last –

fit in.

5 thoughts on “Reality Plays At Normal

    • I remember when I was a kid- and this was in the 70’s, I used to complain about being bored or having nothing to do and my Mom would say ‘read a book’ and my Dad would tell me to not stand in front of the tv because he was watching it and why was I talking so loud?

      I sort of get how they must have felt. 🙂

  1. I know what you mean. My life hasn’t changed much and it feels strange. There is no pressure for me to attend social events. I don’t need to change plans or cancel plans because I’m anxious. It’s freeing.

    • I feel bad for my more social and outgoing friends, but things will change as we move through this and they will get to ‘go home’. I hope it’s soon because I have no advice to offer about how to make this ‘fun’ for them.

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