Sometimes Goodbye Means Hello

” Do you know what he said, ” she told the Hospice Nurse as she closed the door softly behind her ” he said that he didn’t regret the time we spent together- even though our marriage ended. And that it ended badly. He said he always loved me. That his memories of me were all good ones. “

The Nurse rested her hand on her forearm softly, briefly. It was a reassuring touch. ” That was lovely. “

They exchanged a few more words and then the woman thanked her for her help and then she drifted down the hall, through the doors.

They clicked shut

and then she was gone.

She didn’t want to be there, she had told the Nurse when she had called earlier, when his girlfriend and her niece showed up. Until she arrived the Nurse wasn’t sure how this last meeting was going to play out.

It went well she thought. It seemed like two people who had been hurt and angry were setting that all aside. Sometimes people really did get their priorities right.

Marjorie opened the door to see if he was resting, to see if he needed anything when she noticed his pillow wasn’t under his head.

Where was it she wondered?

“There it is!” Her brain screamed in her skull.

It’s right there,

over his face.


FOWC with Fandango — Cynical

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