The Shining Star of 52nd Street

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Doctor Galaxy is a friend of mine.

She’s the superstar of the human race-or at least the race of humans that lived on our street.

If you had a thought- she had the same one but she had it a week before and are you sure, are you positive you didn’t get the idea from her?

Doctor Galaxy, glorious denizen of the street we grew up on

could take your hobby, your hair cut, the shoes you wore and make it all so much more important, meaningful, more spectacular then you could.

But don’t feel bad.

After all.

She is Doctor Galaxy the best to come forth from the lower realms

Conqueror of things you might have been and she never was

but she does nothing

so much better

then we

Inhabitants of the lower realm

on the street where we used to live.



Putting My Feet In The Dirt August Prompt#09- Doctor Galaxy

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