The Refrigerator Bandit

Linda G Hill’s  Prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “brush.” Use it as a noun, a verb, or an idiom. Have fun!

Let’s just toss this hypothetical work scene situation out there.

Let’ say you have a long commute to work by train and found it was more convenient to bring a week’s worth of frozen lunches to work on Monday instead of bringing something every day.

Not only were you set up for the week, but if you forgot on any given day to bring something, you wouldn’t have  to go out and buy lunch- which is problematic in the age of Covid-19  or have something delivered which is an option but if you work in an area where it’s expensive to buy lunch,  those delivery fee aren’t worth it.

Now let’s say the weather was pretty hot and  hot meal wasn’t appetizing so you didn’t tap into your lunch stash for a few weeks and when you did…

You find out one of your  coworkers not only scarfed your groceries it looked like he powered his way through the frozen meals that our other  hypothetical co-workers who are tele-commuting left thinking that would be there when they come back.

Which can happen at any time now.

To rub salt in the hypothetical wound, this Refrigerator Raider is the same co-worker who when I tried to give him his paperwork one day, pulled his  hands to his chest with one small paper bag in his hand said, ” My hand’s are full ” and then he did this little twirl and literally flounced out of the room…

Which meant I had to follow him as he literally  pranced away from me and deliver his paperwork to his work station. I should have tossed it in the shredder, but I was desperately trying to be professional at this point,

I figure I  fed this hypothetical person for over a week.

Under any other circumstances I would let it go. I mean, if you’re in a pinch and you’re hungry and I have extra food, Hell yes I’m going to help you out.

But if you are a  glib little twerp why the hell ( hypothetically) should I?

Do I brush it off, should I brush it off?

I’m thinking no.


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